Got Allergies? Try This Plug-In Air Ionizer.

The Clarifion Ionic Air Purifier is mini but mighty

As a mom with hay fever, a son with allergies, three cats, and more indoor dust than I’d like to admit (at this point, I’ve given up and just welcomed the dust bunnies into our family), I’m always on the lookout for effective air purifiers–especially ones that don’t require me to add “change the filter” to my never-ending list of things to do.

Enter the Clarifion Plug-and-Play Air Ionizer.

Before all else, I check to see how easy it is to install a new purifier, as I am not exactly the most handy person in the world. And, as you can see from my husband plugging it into our wall, the Clarifion Air Ionizer truly is just “plug-and-play”:

Within days of having it in my office, I noticed it helped minimize my allergy symptoms and took the pet odor out of the air–hallelujah!

While Larry doesn’t agree that he has odor, he agrees that the Clarifion Ionic Air Purifier works.

The skinny on how the purifier works: it releases negative ions that latch onto airborne particles, in effect weighing them down so they don’t stay afloat and linger in the air. Pretty cool, right? Clarifion works best in bedrooms, kitchens, offices and the garage–all you need is a standard plug and, once you see the blue light appear, you’re good-to-go. No filter or maintenance needed, thank goodness, because the last thing moms need is yet another thing to remember. It also makes no noise whatsoever, unlike other purifiers I’ve tried.

Given it’s allergy season, I know I’m not alone in looking for easy purifiers that work. Click this link to get 20% off the Clarifion and use the discount code CD20.


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