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5 Organization Hacks for Your Kids’ Piles of Stuffed Animals

From pools to jars to bean bags, we’ve got you covered.

If there’s one thing most kids don’t lack, it’s stuffed animals. And if there’s one thing kids always want more of, it’s stuffed animals. Doesn’t matter if they can barely fit in their own bed due to the overflowing nature of the stuffed animals or, heck, can barely step foot in their bedroom because stuffed animals are splayed across the floor like a bunch of frat brothers after a rough night — just know YOUR CHILDREN WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH STUFFED ANIMALS.

So how to organize the ever-growing collection of stuffies? Here are five unique hacks to repurposing them and/or keeping the lions and tigers and teddy bears (oh my!) in check.

#1 – Use them to fill the swimming pool. Bonus: No need to use a towel (you’ve got enough laundry as it is) or adjust those goggles that always let water seep in!

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#2 – Get cozy at night by using stuffed animal overflow as a blanket.

#3 – Put them to work and have them run errands for you.

#4 – Who says pickles and jams should have all the fun? Keep your kids’ stuffies in jars! Not, um, creepy at all.


#5 – Or, if that’s not your jam, use a Stuff ‘n Sit.

The stylish stuffed animal storage organizers, which come in two sizes and a variety of patterns, help you take control of your kids’ entire stuffed animal collection (hallelujah!) by wrapping up to 90 toys in one comfy pouf ottoman to instantly clean up the room. BOOM.

See? The kids are happy! Mom is happy!

Before these pictures were taken, the living room looked like a stuffy war zone, I kid you not. Check out Amazon for more details (on the cool bean bag chairs, not our stuffy-led home invasion).


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