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This is the Swaddle All New Parents Need in Their Lives

Mermaids and clownfish and hippo fish… oh my!

Photo credit: Dreamstime

Figuring out how to soothe a crying infant is a familiar and frustrating conundrum for new parents. Fed? Check. Changed? Check. Then we resort to the 5 S’s: side or stomach position; shush; swing; suck; and swaddling. Of course, swaddling isn’t always as easy as they show you in the parenting classes…

Photo credit: Dreamstime

So much for that tightly wrapped baby burrito.


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“Excuse me? Your swaddle game isn’t nearly as tight as you think it is.”

The key is getting a swaddle that’s so cute your little escape artist won’t want to bust out of it — well, that, plus strong velcro straps that make it nearly impossible to do so. Enter the Simple Being Fish Swaddle Blanket:

Baby girl in an adorable fish swaddle
Credit: SimplyLife Home

Nothing fishy about this adorable mermaid style, which is adjustable (thanks to the said velcro straps that stay hidden) and lightweight enough to ensure your little one doesn’t become overheated. The two-fish swaddle set — in both pink and light blue — is available on SimplyLife Home and Amazon for $24.99.

How cute is this? The clownfish swaddle blanket is no joke. Perfect for newborns or infants 7-14 lbs., the sleep blanket is sold on SimplyLife Home and Amazon for $24.99 as part of a set with this equally darling hippo fish style…

🎶 Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… 🎶



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