10 Fun Ways to Stage a Magical Leprechaun Visit

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and you know what that means — time to make green cocktails! Oh, and also have some fun with the kids, perhaps by staging the house to make it appear that a real, live, magical — and naughty! — leprechaun ransacked the house overnight. Here are 10 ideas to jump-start the fun:

#1 — Dye your milk green.

#2 — Pour Lucky Charms all over your counter, as though a sneaky l’il leprechaun made a mess.

#3 — Stick green mustache cut-outs on some of your family photos.

Hey! I know those guys.

#4 — Dye the toilet bowl water green.

#5 — Leave green jellybeans or M&Ms throughout the house.

Leprechaun poop?

#6 — Have the Leprechaun leave a gold coin that can be used in exchange for something, like an extra dessert or a book.

#7 — Make a silly mess out of the house, such as turning pictures and vases upside down, putting toilet paper in the kitchen and/or swapping shoes among family members. Remember, those sneaky leprechauns are supposed to cause (harmless) trouble!

#8 – Cut out shamrocks, four-leaf-clovers and leprechaun footprints out of green construction paper and leave them all around the house — on mirrors, counters walls, chairs, the floor.

#9 — Seal off the toilet paper with green stickers. (Pretty much anything to do with the toilet or toilet paper is guaranteed a giggle.)

#10 — If your child is a sound sleeper, stamp her hand with a shamrock stamp or shamrock stickers.

And THEN enjoy a green libation. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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