Mom Hears Nasty Comment at Walmart — Check Out Her Retort

If only my witty comebacks would strike in the heat of the moment. Mine usually come to me when I’m in the car on the way home.

This viral post inspired other people to share similar stories that may be even more entertaining (and sad):

  • My daughter was once having a tantrum in the mall, doing that “going stiff” thing while I was trying to strap her into a stroller, and this woman came up to me and said ” What she needs is a good smack” I turned round and said “What you need is to mind your own business”. Cue hasty retreat. Meanwhile, while I was distracted daughter had strapped herself in.
  • When I was heavily pregnant I was waiting in the office of the OB/GYN and an older woman walked past and hissed ‘young lady, I hope your boyfriend is happy you’re in this situation’. I glared back at her and replied with ‘Yes, my boyfriend is happy… But my HUSBAND is furious!’
  • My son was at Wal-Mart yesterday with his 2 children and a lady said “uh oh, Dad got stuck babysitting instead of watching football on a Sunday”…. His response? “No, I chose to spend time with my kids instead of watching football. It’s called parenting, not babysitting.”
  • My friend with one blonde daughter and another with dark hair was asked, by a woman in the grocery store “Your daughters are beautiful. Do they have the same father?” My friend replied, deadpan; “We’re not sure.” That shut her up quickly!
  • Walking through Sears one day my two-year-old girl lagging behind so I turned around and said Fred (just a nickname we called her)hurry up.A woman commented saying Fred I can’t believe you called her that and I said yes her name is Fredrica got a problem with that!my mom couldn’t believe I said it my daughters name is Kimberly I just don’t understand people who can make rude comments to people they don’t even know


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