Wife Gushes She Feels ‘Lucky’ to Clean Up Her Husband’s Messes

Other women had some thoughts about that.

Source: Holly Simon/Facebook

Currently breaking the internet: a Facebook post by Holly Simon, a mom who wanted to impart some relationship “wisdom” she’s gleaned over the years — and her not-so-popular opinion has sparked quite the heated dialogue in the comments section.

“Everyday I pick up the towel he hangs on our curtain rod & throw it on a hook in the bathroom, put his hair gel back in the bathroom drawer that was 3in from where he placed it, close literally every. dresser. drawer, and pick up at least two pairs of his shoes somewhere in the house. Religious like 😜,” she writes.

“As a younger wife (especially in the baby & toddler zone) this often made me irritated. ‘Don’t I have enough to clean up daily after the kids!” 😒 years ago I actually felt bitterness about it.'”

Now she’s had a change of heart!

“But these little things represent his presence in our home. What if they weren’t there each day? What else would be missing from our lives? His laugh, his comfort, his guidance? How many women and children are living that harsh sadness out?” she wonders.

“The scattered trail of his daily routine means I have a husband who keeps coming home. I’m not doing life on my own. I’m not raising my girls by myself….And that is a cause for gratitude, not irritation ❤️ if you’re in that mode sister, take a breath, this is a common attitude trap for us. And You’re most likely tired. But Remember-It’s not “your burden” it’s your gift. ❤️”

There are many things I feel about cleaning up after my capable and able-bodied family members. “Gratitude”? Not one of them.


Needless to say, many of the comments were brutal (and hilarious).

“Blink twice if you need help,” wrote one user. “I LOVE MY MANBABY HUSBAND!” joked another.

Others were not happy about what they considered “lazy” behavior that shouldn’t be celebrated.

“So basically you’re ok with him being a slob and you acting like his mother,” wrote one user. “Gross.”

“I’m a widow and this is stupid,” responded another commenter. “You married a lazy child. Just admit that.”

“You know, you don’t have to pick up and move all his stuff. Just leave it there. You can love having him there and he can find his own shoes. Just my opinion,” one reasonable Facebooker suggested.

At the same time, there were plenty of other women who connected with what Holly was saying, some even tagging their own husbands in the post.

“I will always be thankful to have your presence at home!” wrote one wife.

“I will pick up after my hubby every day with a smile on my face,” shared another. “Blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father to our children.”

“So many angry feminists posting. Hahahahaha! Sister, you’re doing great!” yet another encouraged her. “I also love my husband’s ‘presence’ in our home. These women spewing ‘I am not his mother!’ when it comes to picking up after him are the same women who have no problem acting like his mother by telling him what he can and cannot do as if he needs their permission.”

Take note: apparently, “presence” is the new “mess.” Hey, honey, clean up my presence, would ya? I’m too busy killing it on Candy Crush right now!



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