Top 9 Best Things About the 2016 Golden Globes

If you were too busy, you know, feeding your kids and corralling them into bed (or if you, yourself, were already in bed… no judgment here) to watch the Golden Globes last night, then allow us to present all you need to know about the show with the top 9 GIFs:

#9 – Ricky Gervais was still Ricky Gervais.

#8 – Lady Gaga bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio on her way to accept the Golden Globe for best actress in a limited series or TV movie for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ — and his reaction is priceless (not to mention forever captured by the Internet).

#7 – Jennifer Lopez was covered from NECK TO TOE. Sign of the Apocalypse?

#6 – Yup. Jennifer Lawrence won. Again. Here is buddy and fellow nominee Amy Schumer graciously giving her a congratulatory hug.

#5 – Speaking of Jennifer and Amy, they may just need to host the next Golden Globes.

#4 – Even Sylvester Stallone has a Bing Bong.

#3 – Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell struck a more serious note.


#1 – Yup. Leo is happy that he finally won, too.




Ricky did NOT shy away from making fun of Mel Gibson. To his face. Hilariously uncomfortable.


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